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19 February 09:00 - 17:00the park, 2tr

Swift for the rest of us

Still building iOS apps with Objective-C? Swift has lots of new concepts to learn, and it can be hard to see where to start. We'll help set you on the right course.

You've mastered Objective-C, or at least have a pretty good handle on using it to build great iOS apps. And you know that Swift is the hot new language that all the cool kids seem to be using. But you're busy, right? You're building features and fixing bugs, and don't have the weeks or months you think it might take to wrap your head around a new language.

Fortunately, some of us have spent those weeks and months learning Swift inside and out. We've integrated Swift into existing codebases, built plenty of Swift-only apps entirely from scratch, and even learned how to adopt the functional style of programming that Swift allows. And we're ready to help you get on track with Swift as well!

In our one-day Code Swift workshop, you'll learn the key differences between Swift and Objective-C, and how to best make use of the new features that Swift includes.

All you need to know

All you need is your existing iOS development knowledge, your own Mac with Xcode 6 installed, and a day. We'll take care of the rest.

Code Swift costs 5000 SEK for the full day, including lunch and fika (of course!). Sign up with your email address, and we'll contact you about invoicing.

This event is brought to you by thoughtbot.

Code Swift is over for now!

Our February 19th event was a great success! We currently don't have another Code Swift event scheduled, but we may in the future, so stay tuned.

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Jack Nutting
@jacknutting jack@thoughtbot.com
After 20 years of loving Objective-C, Jack has now transitioned most of his development time into Swift projects, and only crosses back to Objective-C in case of dire emergency.
Reda Lemeden
@kaishin reda@thoughtbot.com
Reda has been designing and coding iOS apps since 2010. When Apple announced Swift, he immediately jumped ship and never looked back. He enjoys writing Swift tutorials and open-sourcing iOS components.